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Auto Manufactures Should Honor Their Warranty and Customers

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Jeep sells false commitments to prospective buyers.  Here is my situation:

Jeep is company who boasts loyalty and encompasses the American image of superior service and quality over all their foreign and domestic competitors.  Jeep declares they are award winning for their legendary lineup of durable vehicles.  Jeep also declares they are a proud supporter of the US Military and veterans.

This is the image I envisioned of the Jeep brand when the Jeep salesman proclaimed all this to me.  Even my mother swears by the Jeep name and my family and friends who have purchased many Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep products through the years have had good service.

Yet when I purchased my first Jeep I quickly found out that I bought into a falsely hyped up dream.  I bought a Jeep Liberty 2012 Limited edition which was my first mistake, yes, even after reading all the negative reviews on the internet about the Liberty.  I believed that if Jeep says they only make a superior product they must mean it, and all the Jeep critics are just wrong.  Why should I yield to the Jeep critics warning when this reputable company has me believing their vision?

My second mistake was believing Jeep would fix my vehicle with their customer friendly manufacture warranty.  When the Jeep salesman was selling me my vehicle and confidently bragging about how Jeeps never breakdown, and if they did, Jeep always puts the customer first.  Please know right now I feel like I am in last place.

At this moment I have a problem with my vehicle and the funny thing is this very small problem is turning into a very large problem.  I have a perforated hole in the driver side seat and another perforated hole in the passenger seat caused by the seat belt latch that sit in the entrance ways of my vehicle.  Every time I or someone else gets into the vehicle there is a possibility of getting stabbed in the back along with puncturing another hole in the seat, trust me I should know it’s happened to me plenty of times.  The seat belt latch catches you when entering into the vehicle and when you sit back that’s when it gets you, like a bee sting, it really hurts.  I actually have received a bruise from the latch. 

I reported this issue to a Jeep dealership and they submitted photos to Jeep Headquarters (HQ) and after waiting a week I was informed this problem is not covered by the warranty because the holes in the seats was caused by an “outside influence” and is not considered a manufacturing defect nor a workmanship issue.  I quickly appealed their decision, waited another week and got the same results.  I even stressed to Jeep HQ that I’m getting injured by the seat belt latch.  Jeep HQ did not care or show the slightest sympathy.  There is no resolve from Jeep and now the holes are getting bigger.

I told a Jeep HQ representative that I no longer want the vehicle since they are not interested in me or honoring their warranty.  I informed Jeep they are losing a customer, a US veteran that believed in their cause and campaign to support the troops.  I’ve quickly come to realize Jeep’s boasting and campaigning is nothing more than a hollow advertisement tool to have you believe they are there for you, sadly they are not.

I told Jeep that I am willing to work with them to fix this problem, I even proposed a solution but they did not want to hear it.  The cost to fix this problem is a grand total of $750.48.  This cost to Jeep is mere pennies to them and they would rather lose a customer, the customer’s friends and family, and anyone who understands my situation and hears me.

I should have listened to the critics, followed the reviews, and not purchased the vehicle.  I have learned a very expensive lesson.

For the Jeep enthusiasts I would like to sincerely apologize if I offended you, that is not my intention.  I know Jeep has made many good products and I am happy they support our military members.  I just do not believe in their commitment and loyalty to the customer.  Please know you cannot understand my position until your go through it yourself.

Thank you Jeep, I understand it’s just business.

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