Unfair decision by IIT Kanpur

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Jee Advanced exam has the power to change our lives. 

Jee Advanced 2018  was conducted on 20th May 2018 by IIT Kanpur.

It had numerical type questions with clear cut instructions laid down by the exam conducting body.

It was clearly written on the "instructions to the candidates" sheet that we needed to enter the correct numerical value in decimal notation, truncated / rounded off to the second decimal place.

After the exam, it turned out that many students did not bothered to read the instruction carefully and reported the answer as x and not x.00 .

Now, IIT Kanpur is not following the rules which were laid down by them only .

*After the exam* , it was updated  on their website that every student whether he/she has written x or x.00 will get marks which is absolutely unfair to the students who were very alert and read the instructions carefully. 

In the past, there have been instances where IIT has been very particular about the instructions . For example , when the question says 'constant force' , it implies constant both in direction and magnitude and when it says ' constant magnitude' it implies only constant magnitude .

IIT tests the presence of mind , pressure handling , IQ, and various other things , giving these marks would DEMEAN the critical analysis of many aspirants , who were careful enough to notice this and answer accordingly . In my opinion , WHAT  IIT Kanpur DID IS WRONG . Just because a lot of students did this mistake , you are not entitled to change the rules based on that .  In Indian society , IIT tag matters a lot ,  our lives depend on it . Please , don't do this . You might say that 'the pattern was new' . Seriously ? Are you kidding me? IIT is KNOWN TO CHANGE PATTERNS ALL THE TIME , SO WILL U CHANGE THE INSTRUCTION 'WRITTEN IN BOLD' EVERYTIME A MAJORITY OF STUDENTS MESS UP?  Please don't do this . Please take back your decision.