Only One Paper One day for JEE Mains April 2019

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In Jee Mains January 2019 various sessions were organised .However NTA tried to make all the 8 papers upto the same level still it is impossible  to do so.For fair ranking they chose the percentile thing.Actually  this system is not precise because the sampling of students was not proper average student,an above average student ,an excellent  student.Like for example in a session all the average students are giving exam then one of the average students will get a great percentile whereas if all the intelligent  students are giving another session then one of them will definitely get a low percentile.So this is not  fair that an average student will get a better rank or college as compared to an intelligent one .So either NTA should do the sampling of students properly which is very difficult or the exam should not be conducted on more than 2 days. This is for the betterment for our society .Good students should get into the field of technology for developing our country INDIA.I hope you support it.