Jed York CEO of the San Francisco 49ers: Drop Chris Culliver entirely or ban temporarily from the Superbowl

As an outstanding public figure receiving money from a large and varied fan base it is Chris Cullivers responsibility to be a hallmark of sportsmanship and an example of good ethics to those less exposed than himself. By enjoying the benefits of fame and fortune in the sports industry Chris Culliver is obligated to conduct himself in a manner that fosters positive outlooks to all people of all races,religions, and orientations. His recent remarks are an affront to the goals and strides that the 49ers made in the "It Gets Better" campaign. Making it both civilly irrelevant and monetarily a waste. We people signed in this petition demand some action against Chris Culliver to demonstrate that the 49ers care about your loyal fans.

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  • CEO of the San Francisco 49ers
    Jed York

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