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Minister Adeleke Dennis Keshinro (OCT), a teacher in Ontario and Ontario Registrar recognized Minister (Clergy), a reputable volunteer and community youth leader in the Jane-Finch (African-Caribbean Black) community and other communities across Canada (including Alberta, Montreal, Iqaluit, Sask, Winnipeg),  he is the founder of the Belka Mobile Computer-Educational Center and free black youth summer camp in Canada, has taken a courageous step to reach out to the Minister of Service Canada to help reverse the decision on the E. I. contributed and was denied by the Service Canada Staff.    

His parental leaves requested was approved at the Provincial government level but, denied by the Federal (Service Canada).

We reject the biased decisions made based on the fact that a statement was sent out that there is no way an adjudicator can reverse the decision made by the staff of Service Canada that denied the appeal.

For someone teaching over 18 years and denied twice within 5 year of different Employment Benefits that he has and continue to contribute to the system.  It has showed that it was a deliberate effort to attack the African-Caribbean Community at the Service Canada.  Any involvement with the community has been of great challenge. 

The hardship has gotten to the level that is unbearable and affecting my Mental Health and family suffering for what the staff has done to destroy our finances.  The YRDSB refused to pay the top up because of the fact that Service Canada refused to pay her part.

Our medical Doctors and Lawyer have written letters to the commission, they ignored these letters. 

We will appreciate the Minister’s involvement and change this oppressive ruling that is affecting our family including our children.