Increase charges to Manslaughter for the Police Officer that killed Cameron Lamb

Increase charges to Manslaughter for the Police Officer that killed Cameron Lamb

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As per the previous petition, Cameron Darnell Lamb (CD) was killed by an undercover police officer on the Kansas City Police Department on December 3, 2019.  The previous petition for Cameron's case was to simply 5 months after the incident charge the officer for his felonious actions causing CD's death.  Well, 6 months and 2 weeks later charges have been filed.

They are charging Eric Devalkenare with Involuntary manslaughter.  This is the charge that is normally used in cases such as vehicular manslaughter.  The charge means that if convicted Eric will serve 3-10  years.  Why would this be charged as though it was an accident?

Officers under the leadership of Chief Richard  Smith only use deadly force when discharging their weapon.  This would mean as the officer aimed and pulled the trigger 4 times that is what he intended.

Once the Grand Jury proceeded to indict the officer it became public knowledge that the 2 officers on the scene had conflicting statements. The officer closest to CD indicated there was no weapon and only the officer, who based on the angle he was at could not see CD's waist states the gun in his hand is why he shot him.  

Cameron was backing into the garage so one hand had to be on the steering wheel and the other was on his phone, which he happened to use as there was a voicemail that captured CD stating he was shot as his last words.  So how many hands did CD have?  The left hand the officer claims CD; used was his weak hand and from an incident in 2015  left his trigger finger on that hand too short to possibly have a weapon in that hand.  The gun also was found on the ground underneath where his truck stopped, not the location that he was in at the time he was shot...

Story not adding up seems to be covering lies.  Should not be charged as though this is an accident.

CD's children deserve better.