5 months is too long for no charges. Cameron Lamb's family deserves justice.

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On December 3, 2019 Cameron Lamb drove home by himself after having an argument with his girlfriend.  The police narrative was of him driving recklessly in residential areas, which had happened prior to his execution, but was not taking place in the garage in his home when they killed him.

Officers approached the home in plain clothes (for a traffic violation) with weapons already drawn when approaching the homeowner in the front of the home, they asked for the driver of the red truck's location but did not ask permission to enter and did not have a search warrant.  Moments later Cameron, who was right handed, was deceased still in his vehicle.

The normal narrative of he had a gun was used, but the officer closest to him was not the one who shot him, and after denying an ambulance on the scene for at least 45 minutes they pronounced him dead with a gun outside of the drivers window on the LEFT side.

Months have past and there is still no probable cause statement from the police and the prosecuting attorney has yet to progress with a grand jury or doing anything further in the case.

They posed the danger by already having weapons drawn and in his home he had a right to protect himself.  His 2nd and 4th amendment rights were violated.

It has been too long.  


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