Jean Paul Gaultier - review sexiest pricing

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Sexiest pricing are still around us and women are tired of it! It's enough to have a conscious look to realise "they're really trying to screw me over".

Jean Paul Gaultier's perfumes have always been my favourite until a week ago I took a flight and had to go through the commercial sector. I tend not to buy anything as I'm always in a rush, but stopped in front of Jean Paul Gaultier's display of 4 perfumes. 

There were four perfumes, 2 on offer and 2 new launches. The one on offer was £48.25 for men and £56.60 for women (£8.35 of difference). The new launch was specifically La Male for men priced £56.16 and Classique for women £71.50 (well £15.34 of difference!!!).

As if this wasn't enough, with a more careful look you could see the amount difference in both cases. While men's hold 125ml, women's only contained 100ml. Basically women pay a lot more for less quantity!

Women are tired of these discriminations and CEO Christophe Caillaud needs to take immediate action, reduce the prices for women's perfumes and have the same quantity of men's ones.

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