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Kandos Cement #5 Kiln is the kiln that made the cement that made the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

#5 Kiln played a vital role building Sydney and the nation over many decades and is a very significant part of our 20th Century Industrial Heritage.

This 34 ton mid-section of #5 Kiln was originally harvested as a "spare part" when the Kandos Cement plant closed in 2011. It now lies at the rear of Sibelco's non-operational lime plant at Charbon , slowly and surely turning to rust, a spare for a plant that is unlikely ever fire a kiln again.

Over the past 2 years Kandos Museum has been pressing Sibelco for the return of this very significant piece of Australia's 20th Century Industrial Heritage to Kandos, to make it part of the museum's collection so that #5 can continue to serve the people of Kandos and be saved for future generations to appreciate that great things, like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, did happen, and can happen, in small towns, and the role that these towns played in making modern Australia.

But we need your help to save #5 Kiln. Add your name to our petition to Jean-Luc Deleersynder, CEO of Sibeloc in Antwerp, share our post and petition and ask your local Member, both State and Federal, to add their weight to our efforts in preserving this very significant part of Australia's Industrial Heritage.