Help stop new homeschooling law in Quebec: Only 40 days to do so!

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Home-schoolers in Quebec and their supporters have 40 days to act upon the new proposal for a new homeschooling law. Bill 99 which was first discussed January 28, 2019, it will be making home-schooling very difficult in Quebec for unregistered, students. I myself have been homeschooling since the age of seven, my friends and I don't want to have to mimic exactly what children at school are doing, at our proper grade, but the point of homeschooling for example is  that so you can work a few grades higher if you want, or focus more on math than on history. Please sign this petition to help and support home-schoolers in Quebec. We only have forty days to change our entire childhood and our future.

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Also to raise awareness on social media join our group ( on Facebook, then post a picture of yourself wearing the colour mauve (which represents homeschooling). More details in group.

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