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I am starting a petition in regards to an online radio station DJ in Jackson, Mississippi. And, yes, I contacted the owner of the station but no reply. I represent nobody but myself and my belief in rights for all. Simply put, I called someone out on my facebook page for a racist "joke". Said DJ private messaged me the following: "Look we all have our beliefs and I'm sure you will take this the wrong way, but no one in my Family has ever hung anyone, that I know of, although I'm sure there are plenty that needed hanging and if it had been Adam and Steve neither you or I would be here right now. I'm just saying don't relay your beliefs without considering the fact that I can relay mine also. All of us did not send you any hate or Homophobia messages so we All should not see yours, We Cool?" No, Mr. Beaver and Mr. Brad Wagoner (owner of JDX102.9), we are not "cool".


Folks, I am just a human being who believes in peace and love. I speak out against things, sign petitions, etc. but I am lead to go further now. This is where I hope the petition will help. I want Mr. Beaver fired plain and simple. In addition, he has made so many racist comments on his chat page during his show online but I do not have this documented. I do have print screens of conversation above and I am willing to share with the press or any organization that may pick this up. I think it can start with one so I am putting it to work. The fact he thinks it was ok that "there are plenty that needed hanging" and his homophobic comments should not be tolerated by anyone but especially by a DJ who is in touch with the public. I realize it is a different set of rules with online and satellite radio but this is simply not acceptable. My goal is simple: Fire Jackson, Mississippi JDX102.9 DJ Paul Beaver (also known as "The Leave it to Beaver" show).  I also think it is important to note that this station has a non-profit status and receives public donations.


I hope you will consider signing, posting to Facebook walls, sending to friends, sending to friends in the press, etc.  I also hope you will join me in boycotting the station. It should not be important but I want you to know I am a white female from Mississippi. While I do not live there anymore, there are wonderful people there and I was torn with this as I do not want people thinking every white person in Mississippi is like this. Obviously, we are not. I also do not believe all DJ’s at this station are like this. I believe we can change the world one person at a time!!! Help me, won't you? Much peace and love to you all!!


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