Improve the City of Belton, MO #TakeBeltonBack

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Angela Kraft
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We the undersigned, concerned citizens of Belton, MO, in an effort to curb crime, decrease blight, increase property values, and, in general, restore a family friendly community pledge and request the following:

Pledge: To remain active in the process of our city government. To attend meetings and volunteer where needed. To voice concerns and desires to city representatives.  To hold city officials accountable. To be watchful and coordinate with the police department. To report suspicious activity and sign complaints allowing for prosecution. To organize and participate in neighborhood watches. To look after neighbors and their property.


1.       Seek a smaller streamlined budget focused on public safety and infrastructure first. As TIFs expire and become general tax funds, the city should work towards lowering the sales tax and repealing any special taxes passed.

2.       Seek to increase the number of police officers to a more reasonable 2.3-2.5 per 1000 citizens. We entered 2018 at 2.1 per 1000 which is not enough to address our current issues. We look to enter 2019 at an alarming 1.6 per 1000.

3.       For the police department to assist the community in coming alongside them with an effective neighborhood watch program.

4.       Codes and Enforcement- increase codes and nuisance enforcement with enhanced penalties including eventual eviction as modeled after areas like NKC.

  • Seek to increase staffing in the building & nuisance codes enforcement OR
  • Work with a volunteer program that encourages citizens to report code violations and nuisance issues online with picture/video evidence. Have program volunteers do as much necessary steps as possible and hand off most important issues to current codes and nuisance officials.

5.       Work with a volunteer group to help cover the tasks of the multiple unfilled positions. Angela Kraft has volunteered to help recruit qualified volunteers to help with tasks.

6.       Adopt a rental inspection program modeled after the Columbia and Independence type ‘Rental Ready’ programs. This program should be budget neutral paid by permit and license fees.

  • Within this frame work develop a tenant complaint system.

7.       Encourage and fast track redevelopment of current empty lots and ‘slum properties’.

8.       Encourage and fast track new ‘single family’ and ‘step up’ type properties with a focus on qualified local developers over out of state interests.

9.   Recognize and develop a plan to address the growing homeless issue.

Support the proposed FRCCC’s Lift Center providing the following services to Belton with no cost to the city and no cost to taxpayers (all costs covered by donations and private grants):

  • Offices and Businesses located inside the center bringing revenue into Belton.
  • Temporary shelter to families in need
  • Job placement and assistance programs
  • Mental health offices