Decision Maker Response

Richard J. Codey’s response

Richard J. Codey
State Senator

Nov 5, 2012 — Dear Millburn and Short Hills residents:

I am in receipt of your recent correspondence regarding issues you are experiencing as a result of Hurricane Sandy. I understand that this has been an extremely trying time for folks and many of you have been without power for over a week now. Please know that I had been made aware of slow pace at which your area was being addressed.

As such, I have been in contact with JCP&L to request they bring in additional technicians and linemen from out of state to assist with the power restoration efforts for the residents of Short Hills and Millburn. I am told that those additional workers have arrived and are adding support to current workers to have power fully restored, hopefully, by this Wednesday.

Having experienced two previous storms that resulted in power loss in your area for over a week, I believe it is time to have a discussion with JCP&L about the factors that contributed to these delays and how to improve the response and restoration times going forward.

Rest assured, my dialogue with JCP&L is ongoing and I expect to remain in contact with them until the issues in Short Hills and Millburn are resolved. Until then, please continue to reach out to my office for any additional assistance you may need during this difficult time.

Richard J. Codey