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This week the JCCC Board of Trustees will select a new member. 

Trustees decide everything from raising tuition to building new classrooms to hiring a new president. 

The campus community needs a representative who walks the halls of JCCC every day and who understands the struggle and sacrifice it takes to change their lives through education.

My name is Miguel M. Morales and I can be that voice. I am a former JCCC Diversity Fellow, I have served on several campus committees, and I was the student journalist responsible for uncovering allegations of sexual harassment by former JCCC President Charles Carlsen. Those allegations led to his abrupt retirement and challenged the Board's way of governing. 

I have twice served as a candidate for the Board of Trustees and was endorsed by The Kansas City Star

“Miguel M. Morales, of Olathe, is a former student who won national awards for his work as a writer and editor for The Ledger, the student newspaper. Morales campaigned for greater transparency from the college's board and administration. Those values would suit him well as a trustee … As the son of a migrant farm worker, he would be a valuable voice for first-generation and minority students.” 

I am a former migrant farmworker. I know what work is and I know the value of education. I also know that students need a voice in the college’s decision-making process. 

Next year the board will select a new college president.

This is our chance to affect change at our college.

Letter to
Trustee Jon Stewart
Trustee Greg Musil
Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees
and 4 others
Trustee Chair Melody Rayl
Trustee Vice Chair Bob Drummond
Trustee Treasurer Jerry Cook
Trustee Secretary Stephanie Sharp
You have an important decision to make.

The ability to select a new trustee is one of the greatest responsibilities of the board -- along with hiring a new president, which will also happen next year.

We want to help you make those decisions.

Please appoint Miguel M. Morales to the vacant seat on the JCCC Board of Trustees. Miguel has served the campus community for over 12 years. His contributions to our college have changed lives.

2013 will be a year of change for JCCC. Along with selecting a new president, it's a trustee election year. We want a voice in that change. And that change starts now.

Appoint Miguel M. Morales to the JCCC Board of Trustees.

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