Why NCERT is so effective in learning

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Who is NCERT?

NCERT or National Council of Education Research and Training, was established as a society in 1961, under ministry of education of India Government.

The main objectives of the council are to coordinate research in all branches of education, promote and help India’s educational system.

It is like a charitable society working in the field of science and literary, as an individual body and research organization. It is a National system and program of school education, a common program that is universally accessible, that reflects the character of India, it is with holistic view of education, making it child centered and child-friendly, and that is why schools should prefer NCERT books.

NCERT books are different from other with its benefits:

Very low, very affordable, with CBSE exams and study material, it is a useful study tips online. One the language use is very simple, NCERT books are typically written in a very simple language, it makes them so easy to understand for all types of students to whatever mother tongue, teachings and learning background they are in. The NCERT books are very popular as the language is quite a barrier as far as Indian education is concerned. Two it is thoroughly researched, written by experts of the specific language, carefully studied before getting published.

Third it is important from exam point-of-view; many of the questions in most of the competitive examination conducted across the country come from NCERT books, making them a crucial study material from an exam.


For the school year 2017-2018, all CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) schools all across the country is expected a mandatory use of NCERT textbooks from the 2017-2018 academic sessions. The NCERT study material is mandatory to use to standardize the curriculum across schools in the country.

It was a welcome relief for millions of parents who are paying 300-600% higher for textbooks from private publishers compared to NCERT books.  schools should prefer NCERT books though there are complaints by schools and parents about non-availability of NCERT books on schedule, and by parents about schools selling expensive books by private publishers, Kiosks in schools are selling priced textbooks from private publishers, they sell bundle packs that include pencils, erasers, and other stationery, which would cost a lot less for parents in the open market. CBSE officials said that they have an accurate estimate of NCERT textbooks necessary for Class 1 to 12 for any academic session.

“Schools has raise their demand online, and requisitioning adequate number of books, the numbers of requisition may vary, upon the number of students class wise. “

CBSE monitors the annual subscription by schools.

And from next year onwards NCERT will be the only agency to publish school textbooks and the CBSE’s role will be restricted to mandate the holding of examinations and affiliations. The ministry has asked NCERT to be ready for the expected increase in volume as more schools are likely to use its textbooks from the next academic session.

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