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Retract and delete your story about Lucinda Aragon

On November 26, 2013 you published a story titled "Snapchat CEO's Model Girlfriend Is Pretty Much Always Topless In Photos" on the Business Insider website. This article has no business relevance and probably doesn't belong on your site. Even worse, it represents a grotesquely sexist perspective on women with respect to the business world, sending a message that somehow the bared breasts of a romantic partner are of any relevance in a business context.

While I fully support the active exercise of free expression and a free press, your article is at best trite, but more likely regressive and harmful to women in business.

Please retract and delete the article. You may also wish to apologize to your coworkers, recognizing that such articles may in fact create a hostile or unpleasant work environment for them.

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  • Tech Editor, Business Insider
    Jay Yarow

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