Reinstate the South Australian Housing Trust and properly fund it.

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Dear reader, I am a Young South Australian who lives in a "Housing SA" House with my Mum, my dream is to be a politician one day when I am an Adult. My Housing Trust Home and my neighbours contains disintegrated Asbestos insulation that is ineffective and dangerous and a very outdated Kitchen and Bathroom, which by the way contains Asbestos, or in the case of my neighbour, used to have it. my house was built in 1978 and there a houses that were built earlier then that and they are not being upgraded.

Premier Jay Weatherill said to me in a letter that he supports Housing SA, and that he is constructing new homes and is upgrading homes built before 1968, well, he is not upgrading all of them, and he still needs to upgrade those built between 1968 and 1990 because they are becoming outdated and need upgrading as well as the fact that the homes are colder in winter and Hotter in summer due to poor insulation and the use of asbestos which remains in the homes.

Mr. Weatherill is not building enough new homes and he is continuing to Privatise Housing SA, which has been happening since the late 1990's/Early-mid 2000's Housing SA does not use In house publicly owned contractors like SAHT used to, they use private contractors who do things very poorly, Residents have also expressed concern to me that they are paying money for basic maintenance, an elderly Woman was telling me she got billed because Housing SA told her she had put lots of baby wipes down the toilet, which is ridiculous.

Housing SA has given management of many properties to Charities or service organisations that promise many things and do not deliver, They now have a goal of turning a further 4000 over.

Here are my ideas for a new South Australian Housing Trust:

1. New Logo and Slogan with a name change back to the South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT) and a Department to be named "Department of The South Australian Housing Trust." They would also therefore have a Minister or Cabinet minister dedicated to SAHT.

2. All new and current Housing Trust Homes to stay publicly owned, maintained and upgraded for at least 25 years. The Federal Government should also contribute funding.

3. Build thousands Quality New Homes within the next several Years including in Rural/Outer Suburbs, using SA Materials where possible and using Hempcrete if possible, to have houses that last longer and are more energy efficient.

4. Cap rent for a Lower income/Pensioner single person at $280 a fortnight and for slightly higher incomes, $300 a fortnight, for couples it should be around $360 a fortnight for lower incomes and $400 for higher incomes with Some Emergency crisis housing at times to help victims of domestic violence and other abuse situations, this would include Teenagers in some cases and mean lower rent for those people.

5. Substantially Upgrade all Housing Trust homes built before 1990 with new insulation, Kitchens, and Bathrooms if necessary and also Disability access where applicable etc. Also, in some cases, it wouldn't just be new insulation, and cosmetic changes, it would be structural work to improve homes. This would remove a lot of Asbestos and create better, healthier homes and also install Solar panels and batteries on as many Housing Trust houses as possible, including on all new houses.

6. Facelifts for homes that have been upgraded in the past 25 years if necessary.

7. Re-Introduce Publicly owned Maintenance that Does not bill Tenants for maintenance.

8. If tenants do major damage to SAHT houses they should be punished and banned from renting an SAHT House for 5 years. Failure to pay rent should not result in late fees, however, there must be a limit, and, if the tenant doesn't pay rent and doesn't arrange to have a Payment Plan made by the time of 3-4 months without paying rent, they will be moved on to a payment plan or in the case of multiple offenders, evicted, these people would not be able to live in SAHT Houses again within 1 year. Teens will still not be expected to pay rent to SAHT.

South Australians should be able to be proud of Public Housing and how it helps many Lower income Families, Pensioners, Singles Young Adults, those with Special Needs etc. Right now they cannot be proud, the system is broken and needs fixing immediately!

If we Win, Either The Labor, Liberal or Nick Xenophon's SA Best Parties will commit to a better, fully funded Housing Trust we can be proud of. The South Australian Greens are committed to many of these ideas, and are getting their Housing Policy ready at the moment. If we lose, we fight and we fight harder then ever.

Thank You for reading this, I know it is long, and Please sign to get politicians to support a Better Housing Trust.

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