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Mandatory installation of solar panels with storage on all new housing in Australia

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The more embedded renewable energy we have in Australian homes, the less we will be reliant on fossil fuels in Australia, which will enable us to lower our carbon emissions and lower the risk of global warming etc, but the opportunity is much greater than that.

If we legislate that all newly constructed homes are required to not only have solar panels to generate a minimum power output but that this must also be combined with a minimum battery storage component, then we will start to not only drive higher levels of renewable energy production, but also begin to drive efficiency in grid utilisation by reducing peak demand.

This will help ensure base load generation is more efficient and allow grids to be designed and built around a more consistent load level and thus reducing the investment required which will help keep the cost of energy lower at the meter.

This mandatory level or investment in batteries will help drive the cost of batteries down, making it easier and more cost efficient for others to invest in existing homes, including those with existing PV installed.

PV should be installed at a minimum rate which is equal to the number of bedrooms in a dwelling and storage at two times the number of bedrooms as follows;

  • one bedroom requires 1kW PV and 2kWh of storage
  • three bedroom would have 3kW of PV and 6kWh of storage
  • five bedroom 5kW of PV and 10 kWh of storage.
  • etc

Installing at this rate would ensure a reasonable volume of energy is made available to the home relative to the size of the dwelling while also providing a level of storage which would enable the home to minimise its impact on the grid during peak times.  It would also give residents access to off peak tarriffs to charge batteries if required, again improving efficiency in the utilisation of energy infrastructure.

By doing this today, we will create a world which is more sustainable and efficient for our children and our grandchildren.

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Many thanks.

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