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Change Surrogacy Laws for singles in South Australia

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South Australia’s surrogacy laws discriminate.

Holding your baby in your arms is a wonder many people are lucky enough to experience. But for those that can’t get pregnant, desperation forces them to consider other ways.

Many turn to IVF. Imagine, every month hope rises and for many that hope is dashed. Month after month they ride this emotional cycle, arms continue to stay empty. For one South Australian, after nine rounds of IVF and little chance of hope there is an offer of surrogacy. What joy! Finally, the dream of having a baby is in reach.  But it’s not possible. She hasn’t found a life partner and because she lives in South Australia legally she cannot use a surrogate. 

Did you know, single people in South Australia, no matter how medically fertility impaired, are not legally able to become parents through surrogacy?

This is because South Australian legislation discriminates against those people.

If a single intending parent (that’s the correct legal term in surrogacy contracts) lives in QLD, ACT, VIC or NSW they can legally access the services of a surrogate. 

South Australia’s legislation allows single women to access IVF using the mother’s or donor egg and donor sperm.  When that option reaches a dead end, it’s either lengthy overseas adoption wait lists with absorbent costs or to sit and hope South Australia changes its surrogacy laws.

In South Australia, surrogacy is not an option for single males or females.

Changing these laws not only allows single fertility challenged people to become parents but also opens opportunity to the gay and lesbian community.

I have a dear friend living in South Australia about to go through the pain of her 10th round of IVF. Each time the embryo has failed to implant.  Endometriosis and other medical infertility issues means she is unlikely to be successful in maintaining a pregnancy. In her late thirties, time is running out.

Under current South Australian legislation she has no choice but to keep trying to implant good embryos into an unhealthy uterus.  She has been made a genuine offer of surrogacy yet legally she can’t accept it. 

This discrimination is unacceptable.

If you agree, sign this petition now and let’s amend this outdated, discriminatory legislation.  

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