Protect our kids from Sexual Predators

Having been a Realtor in La Crescenta for over 40 years, I have never had such a violent predator attempt housing here. I raised my 2 daughters here and 2 of their children now attend the schools here with the 2 youngest girls starting soon at Mountain Ave with their 5 year old brother. Although we have always been careful, that is not enough when they are within a mile from this preditor. With just 2 of the closest of the 7 elementary schools just near a mile away from the Freeman property having over 1350 children in K-6 grade this is no place to house a Predator of any age or condition. And there is room for more than one person in this house....this will open the door to more placements in the house and the community. This placement is so wrong in so many ways.

cara clove, La Crescenta, CA, United States
3 months ago
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