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Petitioning Governor of Missouri Jeremiah Nixon

National Guard to Assist in Searching For Missing Mother Jacque Waller


Jacque Sue Waller, age 39 went missing on June 1, 2011 in Jackson, Missouri. On the day she went missing Jacque met with her attorney and her estranged husband to finalized their divorce. Later that afternoon she went to Clay Waller’s home to pick up their 5-year-old son.
Immediately following his wife’s disappearance Clay told police he and his estranged wife had fought and that she’d left his home on Woodland Drive around 4 p.m. by foot. He said he then left his home and returned around 6 p.m. He claims when he returned her blue Honda Pilot was gone. It was later found abandoned with a flat tire on a nearby interstate.
Police, who have named Clay Waller a person of interest, say they absolutely suspect foul play. They also believe Jacque's car on the interstate was left there to stage an abduction and that they don't believe an abduction occured.
Jacque’s family and friends have organized several large searches over the last seven months. She has been searched for by family and friends, law enforcement, K-9 teams, FBI and CUE center for missing persons. Jacque still to this day has not been found. She has three young children that does not know where there mommy is at.
We need extra ground support to help search for Jacque so she can be found and return home to her family for that's all they are asking for. I strongly feel if we can get Governor Nixon to provide us with the Support of The National Guard, this would allow more area to be covered in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, increasing the odds of her being found and returned to her family.
We desperately want to find Jacque, but we need the Guard's help in doing this. Please sign and share this petition to show Governor Nixon how the Guard's help would be a Great Benefit to us in our Mission of Bringing Jacque Home.

Letter to
Governor of Missouri Jeremiah Nixon
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

National Guard to Assist in Searching For Missing Mother Jacque Waller

Dear Governor Nixon:
The Justice For Jacque Supporters come to you through this Petition and requests your attention and help with the assistance of the National Guard in helping search for Jacque Sue Waller, mother of 6 year old triplets, who has been missing since June 1, 2011.
The community, family, friends, and co-workers have assisted Law Enforcement through many searches over the last seven months in which over a thousand acres have been already covered. The last seven months has been extremely agonizing for Jacque's family, her three young children, Law Enforcement, Searchers, Co-workers, Close Friends, and Supporters of her Facebook page as Jacque still has not been found.
Jacque's family struggles each day having to answer questions from her little ones of what happened to their mommy. The family at this time does not have resolution in knowing where their loved one is at. Therefore, does not have all the answers to the children's questions.
Jacque's Estranged Husband Clay Waller,who once was a Law Officer Himself has been labeled a Person of Interest in Jacque's Disappearance. Mr. Waller is currently serving a five year Federal Prison sentence for making Internet threats on Topix to Jacque's sister, Cheryl Brennecke who has custody of the Waller triplets. Mr. Waller, has made threats on the children's livesl, and has had several Exparte orders issued against him for Death Threats and Domestic Violence against others as well.
The Justice for Jacque Supporters strongly feel if we had the extra assistance from the National Guard we could cover more larger areas that have not been searched that could possibly lead us to Jacque.
Mr. Nixon, Jacque was a wonderful person and deserves to be found and brought home so her family can give her a proper burial.. Jacque's children needs resolution in knowing their mommy did not just walk away from them for a new life. The children need a place to go visit their mother so they can atleast have a piece of mind knowing where their mommy is at.
We have faith in you Mr. Nixon, and believe that you and only you can make the decision of sending the National Guard in to assist in finding Jacque and seeking Justice for her as well. I believe everyone would want the same for their loved one if they were murdered and was still missing. We ask that you would take into consideration how important this is to all of us in finding Jacque to keep her family, children, and society protected from a man who has a history of violent behavior.

Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

The Justice For Jacque Supporters