STOP the Wrongful Incarceration of Yobachi Frazier!

STOP the Wrongful Incarceration of Yobachi Frazier!

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Started by Tasha Frazier


1. To gather enough support and pressure to move the hand of the Washington state Supreme Court to review the appeal that is currently in their possession. Causing them to either overturn his conviction or do a retrial.
Under the premises of insufficient evidence and claim of actual innocence. The Washington state crime lab has been under much fire for misconduct. During my husband’s case, The state crime lab chief resigned due to misconduct and the two individuals that were assigned to test the shell-casings in my husband’s case were also previously fired by other county crime labs for misconduct.

Yes, new Washington state Legislation will make him free soon - but we will NOT stop until his conviction is overturned. He does not want to live out his days as a “convicted murderer” even if he is physically out of prison.

His story sounds like something you would see on television but, now that all the things have come to light or been uncovered due to George Floyd and other victims of police brutality and systemic racism within the justice system - it’s definitely REAL life.

Like many Black men in the system he was forced into a life of dealing and violence due to the drug epidemic and poverty in his family.

His life didn’t start that way though, the first 10 years he lived pretty well with both of his parents, who were married.

His father was a heavyweight professional boxer and his mother a teacher and legendary Seattle Black Panther.

When the drug epidemic swept through South Seattle and other underserved communities…his mother got swept up into it, his father left -forcing my husband to become the breadwinner for himself and his siblings.

Yes- He was deep in the streets to provide and for survival.

“A 30-year-old man convicted of gunning down another man during a July 4, 2007, fireworks show was sentenced Friday to a 50-year prison term.”

Washington state legislature:

RCW 9A.04.100

Proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

(1) Every person charged with the commission of a crime is presumed innocent unless proved guilty. No person may be convicted of a crime unless each element of such crime is proved by competent evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Fourteenth Amendment Procedural Due Process Clause

“Procedural due process” concerns the procedures that the government must follow BEFORE it deprives an individual of life, liberty, or property.


The prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my husband was guilty which is why his FIRST trial resulted in a Hung Jury. THERE WERE TWO TRIALS.

The Washington State Crime Lab violated the due-process clause under the CONSTITUTION by Destroying Exculpatory Evidence in the form of nine spent-shell casings that matched the nine bullets in the victim.

Had they followed the proper policy, procedure and protocol to test evidence it would’ve either pointed beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty OR exonerated him.


Even though he was being represented by incompetent public Council, he did know NOT to take the plea deal. Had he accepted that deal, he would never be able to fight his conviction like we are now.

So many Black men are afraid of the system and afraid of life in prison so they take “the deal” not knowing what that could do to them long-term. My husband, although he did not know as much as he does now about the law, he knew not to do that and I’m grateful.


Lack of knowledge.

Most people of color don’t understand the laws or our rights we’re taught to just believe what they tell us.

He has dedicated the past SEVEN YEARS to spending a minimum of 15 to 20 hours a week in the law library. My husband said, “If no one fights for me, I must fight for myself.”

Appeals usually have a one year time bar…

The time limit specified in RCW 10.73.090 does not apply to six grounds. His appeal qualifies under #4.

“The defendant pled not guilty and the evidence introduced at trial was insufficient to support the conviction”

✔️The misconduct of the Washington State Crime  Lab - destroying Exculpatory Evidence

✔️First trial - a Hung Jury

✔️ The “witnesses” pointed out someone who was NOT him the first time + the “witnesses” had alcoholic levels in their system when questioned

✔️Overall Insufficient Evidence

(no weapon, no DNA, the shell casings were destroyed by the crime lab and the “witnesses” were intoxicated and misidentified him the first time)

**All the above are documented within PUBLIC court/police/medical records.**


Once my husband is free and his conviction is overturned- we are committing our lives to freeing other Black women and men wrongfully convicted or excessively sentenced.


The system will NOT like this.

331 have signed. Let’s get to 500!