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STOP SARAH SCHAK PUPPY MILL! Just one click away & you could save hundreds of animals.

If you spend a moment to sign this petition you would be making this community and world a much better place. PHOTO SHOWN: A whole litter was eaten by this mother dog due to being hungry and bred one litter after another. Notice her horrible conformation on her front legs yet was still used as a breeder. One puppy from a litter was the only one to survive and is now living a three legged life. Sarah Schak was just going to drown that last pup in a bucket if a friend hadn't stepped in and saved that pup. Sarah Schak has a long list of animal abuse on her record yet is still a puppy mill breeder, a bird breeder and has a whole bunch of animals including rabbits, farm animals and horses on their small farm. (See site below.) The Schak family is selling all sorts unhealthy and unsocialized as well as starved animals for many years. Jeff and Sarah Schak were just banned on July 16 from registering ANY pups for five years and both fined $2500 each for conditions and advertising dogs as registered yet never given their customers the papers. Do you know how bad it has to be before the AKC bans people? You can research this at Please look into this website to see the horrible place that we can bring down with your signature: We have local rescue organizations standing by waiting for action to be taken. Where the Schaks reside is out of jurisdiction of SCRAPS or Spokane county animal control so no help to close then down for good except for the Stevens county sheriff's office, but they are too soft on any animal related crimes. Animal abuse is a felony in all 50 states so let's treat her crimes as real with more than fines they never pay. Lets take this horrible animal mill down with your signature! Also if you would like to report the Schaks please call Steven's County sheriff's office at Colville, Wash. ask what actions are being taken. Please make sure they give you a police report number so the district attorney sees those reports. Thank you.
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