Shut Boeing down amidst coronavirus spread & flatten the curve!!

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Govenor Inslee has recently required a limit to 50+ people gathering to try and flatten the curve of the spread of the coronavirus in one of the hardest hit states in the country. Why is Boeing immune to that requirement amidst this pandemic? They have the largest factory in the world located here in Washington and people across the state travel to these sites daily, are required to work in close quarters and then leave work and back to their families and communities. They are not being provided the basic protection like sanitizer, cleaning supplies and PPE and consistently run out of both. They have no n95 masks and people are being hauled off in ambulances daily after showing signs of symptoms. 

As of 4/2: 109 employees have tested positive for coronavirus, over 1,400 employees have been quarantined and 1 employee has passed away. These numbers continue to grow at an alarming rate.

How can Boeing continue outside of the Gov't order of no gatherings of 50 or more? With over 69,000 employees in WA state, how are we ever going to flatten the curve?

They are operating without regard for human life. Please help by signing this petition for Boeing to abide by the Gov't orders, shut down and give their employees peace of mind that they won't lose their jobs during this crisis.