While it was reopened, I climbed several times a week at the Riverfront Rock Gym in Wenatchee, Washington. Age alone (66) puts me in a higher-risk category should I contract COVID and that has made me very conscientious about not exposing myself unnecessarily. Our climbing gym, however, was a safer environment than the occasional mandatory visit to the grocery store. The gym enforced masking (not always the case at the grocery store), visitors were naturally distanced on different climbs, and the gym has massive air flow and air filtration. The closure of this gym (and I'm sure many many others) is not being based on science but on a one-size-fits-all approach that benefits regulators. Regulators are, understandably, working to protect the public, but without greater discernment in how regulations are applied, many businesses are being forced to fail unnecessarily.

Andy Dappen, Wenatchee, WA, United States
4 months ago
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