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Remove BSL law in Washington State

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The issue we are facing that breeds under BSL especially pit bulls have only worsened the dog's lives. Thirty counties in Washington State have either other breeds or only pitbulls on their list of bans. Claiming them to be dangerous.

Our understanding for this breed has increased over the years. In our state he have a pit bull police dog. There are numerous reports of pitbulls SAVING PEOPLE. They have better temperaments than any other breed. However what I aim to accomplish is that I don't want a repeat of Denver. That was almost 4 thousand dogs who were all house pets taken and killed. Just for their looks.

I do consider myself lucky, I have an American Staffordshire Terrier, he is my Emotional Support Animal. And he's allowed to move anywhere with me within Clark County. However just because I have it easy due to him being for medical reasons. Doesn't mean no one else is fighting the fight. There are hundreds of pitbulls I'm sure in Washington State that are deemed non-adoptable just for their breed. Mine was deemed non-adoptable because he was a mouthy. From how he behaved no one worked with him about it. I've had Jasper, my esa for almost a year now and he no longer does the mouthing. He's better behaved now at 2 years and a month old.

Yes sadly there are some bad dogs out there, but that's because they were raised to be bad. By bad owners. What I am recommencing is to eradicate BSL and punish the people who do abuse these dogs and not the dogs themselves. And giving the owners of these dogs much harsher punishments. Not the death penalty. But something to prevent them from ever being allowed near or having a dog ever again. 

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