Release inmates meeting certain criteria from Monroe Correctional Facility during COVID-19

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We have been seen that the experts are warning that the US prisons are not prepared for coronavirus. How has the release of inmates who are not currently stuck in quarantine at MCC and fit certain criteria not been implemented yet? This is a concern regarding the safety and health of the public. Inmates do not have access to gloves or masks, which is of great concern for those who may have a medical necessity within prison walls for these supplies. As we all know they are scarce currently on the outside walls as well during this outbreak. With such a large amount of people in such a small place, how could one practice social distancing properly? They cannot. If one person in there catches it (besides the guard who already did and is at home recovering) it will spread quickly and there will a prison full of inmates who will become quickly become patients. As we all know, there aren’t enough supplies for this kind of disaster. Hopefully, we will be able to be more proactive in regard to this, creating a reduction of the ability for this to spread when it’s preventable. Hopefully, we can contain this before this spreads further, or takes any more unnecessary lives. We are asking for the immediate release of inmates who have been on good behavior, are low-risk non-violent offenders, and are set to be released within the next six months. Thank you.