Raise educated graduates' earnings while lowering celebrities' salaries

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Education has been enforced in each of our lives since the age of five. It seems to be the only form of success unless you have inborn talent. This includes being a remarkable athlete , singer , actress, or dancer. Why is entertainment valued more than intelligence ? Personally , I consider intelligence a talent , but one that is worked for , not inborn. Certain people spend eight years in college after high school to earn a few hundred , possibly a few thousand dollars more than the average person earning minimum wage. Eight years of a human's life spent accumulating credits to earn a degree because that is the only way an average person can prove themselves to society. Attending colleges and universities for years is the standard way to obtain a bit more than enough money needed to live a moderate lifestyle. If education is valued so highly , then why is it that celebrities earn millions more without investing years of their life trying to obtain a degree ? Celebrities do nothing for communities besides giving a few thousands of dollars to charities and entertain us. The spotlight is on celebrities while doctors save lives , teachers form foundations for students to grow mentally , and engineers create the future. It is unfair that people invest years of their lives and work diligently through rigorous college courses to make a living and a change , while others are valued , respected , recognized , treasured , and payed millions for their natural talents. Educated people's great deal of effort , money and endurance needs to be valued more and this is done through raising their salaries. Intelligence is more of a talent than the talent in a person's genes. Acquiring lengthy degrees should be equivalent to a minimum of two hundred thousand dollars a year up to a celebrities average salary. Degree's values grow , while celebrities salaries are diminished. If society wants to value talent , then lets value the talent that intelligence is because the only form of obtaining it is through actual effort and persistence. 

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