Lift Breed Restrictions in Washington State

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In the state of Washington, twelve cities ban pitbulls and other bully breeds. Others demand they be sterilized. My proposal is that instead of passing breed-specific legislation, we pass behavior-specific legislation. 

This means that instead of discriminating solely on the breed, we look at the behavior of the dog itself and the circumstances surrounding it. If, for example, a stranger walks into the yard, or breaks into the house, the dog attacks, bites, and causes damage, the dog should not be penalized. However, if an old family friend comes over that the dog knows, and it still chooses to bite him, then action needs to taken. 

Breed-specific legislation makes the livelihood of Washingtonians more difficult. Due to the ban in major cities, if a person who owns a bully breed obtains a job, they will have to surrender their dog in order to move. This obstructs the rights of people to do what they want with their property. 

It's time for a change.