Let US Play - Washingtonian's for Athletes-End Sports Lockdown

Let US Play - Washingtonian's for Athletes-End Sports Lockdown

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Dear Governor Inslee, Washington State Department of Health, Washington Senate & House, and U.S. Senators & Representatives of the State of Washington, & WIAA District Directors:
As we are sure you are aware, the proposed phased reopening & uncertainty of the whether or not we will reopen completely for recreational sports and or school sports is affecting our children more than ever. This has created the untenable situation of thousands of Washington youth athlete’s unable to pursue their chosen athletic endeavors indefinitely. There is no question that if this situation continues it will lead to numerous adverse effects to our children’s physical and mental health, attendance and performance in school, personal and professional growth and too many more negative consequences to mention. It will also create far reaching ripple effects that will be felt in Washington for many years.

With the world in the state it is in currently, it is more imperative than ever to ensure our youth can be involved in these positive and constructive activities.

It was also reported that there will be exceptions made for college and pro sports teams to play. This not only acknowledges the fact that these activities can be engaged in safely, it creates an unacceptable disparity that needs to be rectified.  Our kids need to be represented fairly in this decision and a plan to allow them to engage in their activities needs to be developed and adopted. There are thousands of concerned parents, teachers, coaches, athletes, and other citizens ready to be a part of that solution.  We need swift and decisive action on this immediately so we can begin to engage in our fall sports programs without unnecessary delays.

WIAA to quote has no answers to date “We are still waiting for guidance from the WA State Department of Health and the Governor's office for guidance before we can officially send anything out” ~WIAA June 12th 2020.

WIAA on 6/22/2020 has now EXCLUDED Football, Wrestling, Performance Cheer, Dance/Drill from Phase 4 reopening guidelines.  These sports NEED to be put back in Phase 4 for our athletes, especially since other states are allowing it.  This will undoubtedly put many high school athletes at risk of not having the same recruiting opportunities as other states that have opened.  

What the children or Washington are missing out on will affect them for the rest of their lives.  Thank you for your attention and timely action.

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