Ban Plastic Bags In Silverdale & Bremerton Washington

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Plastic waste is a huge problem, every single piece of plastic ever made still exists. 50% of plastic that is used on the planet is only used once and only 5% of plastic is recycled.

Sea life and wildlife are affected by our plastic waste as well. Plastic bags often end up in the ocean and they can't degrade in a marine environment so they end up breaking down into micro-plastics. By breaking down into smaller plastics they never go away. Marine animals such as turtles, dolphins, sea lions and whales often mistake plastic for food or get caught in plastic, both situations ending in starvation and death for the animal. Multiple studies have shown that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.

Plastic bags aren't the only things that Americans use unsustainably. The Lonely Whale organization states that Americans use 500 million plastic straws everyday. This is a ridiculous amount of plastic that is ending up in landfills and our oceans. Americas obsession with plastic is also contributing to climate change since oil is needed to create plastic. Buying plastic only creates more Co2 emissions to be put into our atmosphere and adds to global warming.

Using reusable bags or using bags that are made out of recycled materials is an easy and a more sustainable alternative than plastic bags. Using reusable bags will help people cut down on  the worlds plastic waste & help to stop contributing to climate change.

I am asking the Silverdale and Bremerton chamber of commerce to put a plastic bag ban in place. I believe that with a ban in place our communities can stop contributing to the lasting damage that plastic waste causes.

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