Allow Washington State Escape Rooms to open in Phase 2.

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We are the Association of Washington State Escape Rooms. We represent almost all Escapes rooms across Washington state (all family-owned businesses).

Rewind: Back in March, we were one of the first industries to close down in efforts to "flatten  the curve." Additionally, each business has spent thousands on COVID-19 sanitization materials and staff training.

We have tried to work with the governor's office to show how unique our industry is, but recently the guidance we were allowed to follow has been withdrawn. This now pushes escape rooms to phase 4. Many of our members and owners will not survive to phase 4 and we believe we can provide a safe experience for all and a mental health "escape" that is desperately needed in these trying times. We are poised and ready to continue offering the safest possible entertainment experience anywhere.

As an escape room business, our members have the ability to control every aspect of the customer experience. All of our businesses have already implemented the following:

- Experiences are 100% private.

- Group sizes are limited to small numbers and/or household members only. 

- Staff and customers are socially distant from one another 100% of the time.

- Face coverings are worn by staff and customers 100% of the time.

- Have extended periods between groups to thoroughly disinfect everything from the lobbies to the experiences.

- GUARANTEE that no customers will EVER come into contact with another group during their stay with us. They will only see our socially distant staff.

- Reinvented our waiver system to contactless which can be used for contact tracing if necessary. 

- Provide hand sanitizer to every customer.

- Fans are encouraged to wash their hands before and after their experiences. - Many members have added additional precautions above and beyond these above. 

As small, family-owned businesses, we are able to do proper quality control and monitor every aspect of our processes meticulously. Large box stores, restaurants, indoor gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys, drive-in theaters, etc. can't do this.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our experiences might disappear forever if the governor's office continues to ignore the uniqueness of our industry and the safe experiences we can provide. Help us send the following messages to Governor Inslee:

1. Escape rooms are a safe, secure, and a much needed venue. They should be allowed to open in Phase 2 of Washington's reopening plan. 

2. The Association of Washington State Escape Rooms want to work with Inslee's office to develop specific guidance for escape rooms to follow during this pandemic.