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Petition II, Part II-Bring back Fontana Race to IndyCar

Please  Note: This petition goes directly, to those involved in IndyCar, the Auto Club Speedway, and the city of Fontana, California's mayor. 

If any of you watched the last IndyCar race at Gateway. The first thing that caught your eye's was the crowd. This doesn't happen by accident. It happened because Gateway had a sponsor Bommarito that loves IndyCar, and they put their money where their mouth is. They also know that promoting such an event is a year long endeavor. And not a promotion shown on TV at 3 am on public access television.

Having said that, and no offense to the Gateway race. Anyone who has watched an IndyCar Auto Club Speedway race in person, or on TV. Knows the excitement that this race brings to IndyCar fans. And next to the Indy 500. IndyCar had nothing then, or now on it's schedule, that came close to the wow factor of that race. 

By signing this petition you are being pro-active, and not just sitting on your couch complaining, but actually helping to bring this great race back on the IndyCar schedule. People that can make this happen have asked to see our interest. It cost me nothing to put this petition together. And it cost you nothing to sign it, or not! This is the moment for all of us to be part of the solution. If you have nothing positive to say about bringing back this great race. That's fine. Please just keep it to yourselves.

Below I will write what I propose to bring back this great race. Feel free in the comments section of petition, to give any feedback. Nothing is written in stone. And my idea's are not law, nor do I think my idea's are any better than your's. I just put in the effort. And now you can as well-


Paul Palmieri 

IndyCar Serious

Race Production Media

My idea for a promoter, and title sponsor of the Auto Club Speedway race- I want to put together an offer to the people at Publishers Clearing House.We would make this a year long campaign with PCH, and IndyCar which means heavy television, and print advertising throughout the year, up until race day.

How I would do this promotion is to have PCH giveaway one-million dollars to one lucky fan on race day, at the track,on live TV, during one of our commercial breaks. (They would find the fan with the winning ticket stub, and present check live, and in person at their seat)

Secondly, one fan watching at home would also have the chance at winning one-million as well. PCH, would show a number during the race, that would be the winning number, for a lucky viewer. Not only will this bring in more fans to the race, but it will also up our TV ratings, being that you must be watching the race, and text email, Instagram, etc.. your winning number by photo to the PCH people.This is also a perfect chance for Verizon to get involved. I would have people that use the Verizon IndyCar app, get two chances to win the million. Again not written in stone, just an idea.

We need someone like Bommarito at Gateway Motorsports. Someone with a passion for IndyCar. Willing to advertise, advertise, advertise! We packed this track out back in the day's of CART. It can happen again. great product, new car for 2018. And exciting new young drivers. 

  1. Race will start in the daylight at 5:00 pm Pacific Time. This give our viewers no excuse not to watch in central, and Eastern time zones.
  2. It has to be a night race. Day race temps are just to high. And race just is not as exciting to watch. The sunset is approx 6:30 Pacific Time in October. Which means perfect temps, and race will let out at a respectable time for fans attending.
  3. It has to happen sometime in October! No excuses about the race competing with the NFL, or college football. Los Angeles teams are played in the Los Angeles area, far removed from the San Bernardino area. And college football is only on Saturday.  and again in the greater Los Angles areas. IndyCar ratings are already lower than that of NFL preseason games during the month of August. (Should we have stopped our season in July, to accommodate this?) No-Those who watch IndyCar, watch IndyCar. And now on a Saturday night, we give sports fans, a viable option for their entertainment pleasure, both in person at the race, or on TV. 
  4. Part of the Triple Crown One-million dollars to driver winning all 3 races)
  5. Championship race, with double points.
  6. Race has to be 500 miles long
  7. Double points 
  8. A must-Track needs to be repaved.
  9. Qualifying will be on Friday. Along with other events
  10. Saturday- Just ideas: Porsche Club of America race-IMSA race-Drifting competition-Global Rally Cross GRC (Includes 3 IndyCar teams) Both Drifting, and GRC races can be held on the Auto Club Speedway road course. Friday, and Saturday races for GRC. Saturday for IMSA race.
  11. I have put together a world record attempt with the Guinness World Record people. It has been ok'd, and just waiting to be implemented. This event would take place at the speedway, and would use crowd participation. Again, we would benefit by getting more advertising through the GWR, IndyCar, and sponsor of record attempt, and props that need to be used. We would bombard areas of social media, GWR website, IndyCar, Verizon websites, send domestic, and foreign press releases, domestic and international tabloids, and print, etc...up until event. Once the record is official IndyCar, the track, and it's fans will then be a part of World record history. And of course more positive publicity.
  12. Race deals through IndyCar Fan Nation, and Family Race packs for families of 4 or more.
  13. Put together traveling deals through Amtrak, and local metro rail. Amtrak packages including tickets, travel, hotel accommodations, local restaurants, and make a deal with Uber to get around when not at the track. These packages would be good for Arizona, Nevada, Central, and Northern California, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Fernando Valley California areas. Also with the help of myself, or IndyCar Nation. Put together one day bus trips to the race, from Nevada, and Arizona areas. Including tickets, special driver meet, and greets, lunch, giveaways, and food, and drinks on return trip.



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