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Help to keep the devoted and skillful part-time lecturer Wissam Nawfal at JMSB

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The purpose of this petition is to convince people responsible for the administration of JMSB to renew the contract of part-time lecturer Wissam Nawfal. A decision that I sincerely believe would be greatly beneficial to present and future students. 

Wissam, a young, devoted and passionate lecturer of the statistics class Comm 215, since his debut as a teacher, has always did his very best, to support students, to help them, to make the material less boring to them, to make classes more interactive and entertaining and has succeeded in so very skillfully.

Not for nothing, he quickly became very popular among young JMSBer's, with an outstanding score of 4.8/5 on RateMyProfessor. Always putting his 100%, caring for students: staying extra time even after consecutive four hours of office hours if he saw that there are still students coming who need assistance, making tutorials before exams although he's not paid to nor required to do them. Making best use of technology and of his social skills to transmit knowledge to students in a way so it would be the most beneficial academically, pleasant personally and attainable to students who are very often struggling with heavy maths classes such as Comm 215.

The only reason why Concordia is not willing to renew his contract is because Wissam is an LTA (Limited term appointed) lecturer, which means that he is a professional/academic professor who teaches 7 classes a year on an one year contract, which can be renewed up to 3 times, and Wissam has reached his maximum of renewals. LTA's are dependent on their reputation, if their ratings are not satisfactory they are let go, while tenured and part-time professors are normally going to keep their position regardless of their performance. However, unlike tenured or part-time professors, it's usually the LTA's, like Wissam, who are doing the job out of passion and interest, and it is those people that students like, want and need to have in order for higher success rates. 

Had contract renewals depended on performance Wissam would without a shade of a doubt get his contract renewed every year, as he is uncontestedly the best teacher of Comm 215 in JMSB. And this, without bashing on other Comm 215 teachers, is a fact. Students love his teaching methods, students find them helpful and useful, they skip their own classes just to be able to attend his lectures instead. His classes are always full of students and not once has it occurred that there were so many students who came to attend his lectures that students from his own section didn't even have a place to sit. Wissam is THE teacher of Comm 215 in JMSB, besides him no other  Comm 215's name is known to students, while Wissam is known to everyone, whether by direct experience of taking a class with him or through hearing from peers about how great of a teacher he is.

As a conclusion, let's help present and future students get better academical results and succeed in their academical path, and let's reward Wissam for his great work and restless efforts in always trying to provide students with the nothing but the best and most attainable teaching methods. LET'S SIGN THIS PETITION AND SHOW THAT STUDENTS CARE AND THAT IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO US WHO WE ARE BEING EDUCATED BY.


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