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Ban Animal Acts from the Broome County Memorial Arena

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Wild animals used in circuses live miserable lives of exploitation, deprivation, confinement, and violent training. The USDA has repeatedly cited the Shrine Circus, which often leases acts from Royal Hanneford, for failing to meet even minimum federal and legislative standards outlined by the Animal Welfare Act. To get animals to perform they are beaten into submission using whips, electric prods, and bullhooks, while posing a serious threat to the public and damaging tens of thousands of dollars of personal and governmental property.

Ultimately, circus animals endure a life of pain and suffering to provide families with "entertainment." With other municipalities around the nation banning wild animal acts from performing, it's time for Broome County to follow suit. Broome County offers tons of amazing family friendly entertainment throughout the year. There's no reason for Broome County to condone the mistreatment of animals under the pretense of entertainment. There are plenty of circuses that we could invite that don't include wild animals as part of their performance.

Please sign this petition in order to let Broome County know that Binghamton Can Do Better in promoting family entertainment without exploitation.

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