Jason's Law

Jason's Law

June 10, 2022
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Started by Samantha Hoy

It is never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, but watching them lower a small child into the ground can crush you.  June 2nd I was told that my nephew had past away. Not knowing how or why at the time left an uneasy feeling. Later that horrible day my dad and step mother was taking in his brother and sister. We were confused and asking questions but we had to wait till the test came back to understand what had happened to Jason. The smaller children was not harmed but they was not being taken care of. Jason was forced to take the medication by his mother and stepfather. When we were in the courtroom Crystal and Josh would laugh and have a great time, everyone else in that courtroom was crying. Josh Nash took a plea and only charged with selling medication, he was out of prison fast. Since then Josh has also beat a dog with a metal rod and this was another slap on the wrist, he has had several DUI.Crystal was sent to prison on December 16,2009 and she was released on March 16, 2022. Since they both have been out roaming free they still can not stay out of trouble. Crystal is trying everything in her power to have more children.

I feel as if the system would have taken this seriously the first two times that DCHS was called Jason could still be here today with his siblings. When there are multiple calls into family services why are they leaving the children there? Why is the system allowing the bare minimal of needs from parent to be okay? Sex offenders have to be placed on a list for the world to know what they have done they are not allowed to be around schools. Why are we not holding people who kill children as the same as a sex offender? 

I have always been told it takes a village to raise children and I agree with that statement. This world is a crazy place these days and it's a shame that we have to worry about horrible things that could happen to children. There are times that some children get into a mess at home and the system needs to take action. We have asked how many times family services were called and we were never told. My heart breaks for the children who actually need to be saved due to someone harming them but sometimes family services leave the children and do nothing to actually make sure they are safe and sound. 

Since Crystal has been out a lot of memories have come running back in my head. The phone call and all the court dates and so on. I still have so much hate and anger for the monsters who did this to a five year old little boy. My goal from here on out is trying to get names of people who agree that family services need to take action and do everything they can to make sure the children don't get harmed or end up dead like Jason.

Personally I would like to see the following happen when a child is killed,

Psych Evaluation when they are arrested
Mental Evaluation
Force them to take classes in prison
They should never be able to have more children
Sentence them to life with no chance of parole 
If they was to get out they should do another Psych Evaluation 
They should be on a list like sex offenders 
Not allowed at schools
I understand that I am only one person that is trying to get something to change and I am not expecting to actually get something done. There is just so much hate and anger still that I need to try to make sure Jason's voice is being heard and if doing this can help protect another child than I have done just that. Jason was five years old but he acted like he was so much older. He was always happy and loving. He was a grateful child with everything that he had in life. June 30 2003 was when Jason was born, and with his birthday coming up I hate the fact that I can't call him or give him a hug, I am forced to drive to his grave and wish him Happy Birthday. I pray that the system will consider changing things and making new laws to help the children. We all need to do better for the children. 

Edwards County Resident Judge David Frankland found probable cause

this morning to bind Joshua and Crystal Nash over to trial on charges

related to the alleged drug overdose death of Crystal's 5-year-old son,

Jason Hoy. Both have been in custody since their arrest on October 23.

The pre-school boy was found dead in his bed in the early morning

hours of June 2 at the couple's home in Grayville. Results of an

autopsy concluded the boy died of an overdose of the over-the-counter

allergy medicine Benadryl and a prescription cough syrup that contained

codeine. Investigators discovered Jason had more than 8 times the

therapeutic level of Benadryl in his bloodstream at the time of his

death. Autopsy records revealed the boy had been dead for at least two

hours before his body was found in the early morning of June 2.

Ambulance personnel however transported the boy to Wabash General

Hospital in Mount Carmel where he was officially pronounced dead.

During today's preliminary hearing, Edwards County State's Attorney

Michael Valentine presented only one witness for the state - Detective

Gwyn Basinger with the Illinois State Police. Detective Basinger

testified that she had interviewed both Crystal and Joshua Nash on more

then one occasion about the boy's death. During one of those

interviews, Basinger testified that both Crystal and Joshua admitted

they had taken the victim's prescription drug - Adderall and either

sold it or gave it to friends. Jason had been prescribed the medication

for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. With the Aderall gone and

to keep Jason calm, the Nash's told Det. Basinger, they allegedly gave

him non-prescription Benadryl and cough syrup with codeine they had

around the house. The codeine cough syrup allegedly came from a house

guest - 21-year-old Andrew J. "A.J." Heid. Heid is currently serving

six months in the White County jail for an unrelated domestic battery

conviction for shoving his father, Chris Heid - the former State's

Attorney of White County. At this time, Heid faces no charges in

connection with the Hoy death.

As the investigation continued, police say they found the suspected

cough syrup bottle, alleging that A.J. Heid had placed it in a sock and

tried to destroy it in a burn barrel.

The night before Jason Hoy died, A.J. Heid told investigators that

The victim had "blue lips" and appeared to be in a "catatonic state".

Heid told investigators the night before that, the boy had been

vomiting, had stomach pains and a severe headache. Heid also said the

The boy suffered what was described as a seizure.

The night that Jason died, his mother, Crystal Nash and stepfather,

Joshua Nash left the house in the late evening hours to travel to

Wabash General Hospital in Mount Carmel. Crystal Nash was seeking

treatment in the emergency room for an injured leg. Jason Hoy and his

siblings, Violet and Isaah were left behind in the care of A.J. Heid.

Before departing for the hospital, Crystal Nash allegedly gave Jason

two "tablespoons" also described as two "soup spoons full" of cough

syrup containing codeine to "help him relax and sleep".

A.J. Heid told authorities he opened the door of Jason's bedroom

several times while the Nash's were gone, but only to see that he was

still in bed - he said he never shook him to see if he was OK. Heid

also told investigators he tried to convince the Nash's to take Jason

to the hospital - because he was very ill. Instead, the suspects went

without the boy, seeking medical attention for Crystal's injured knee.

This morning, Edwards County State's Attorney Michael Valentine

filed a new charge against the Nashes - Involuntary Manslaughter. The

new charge alleges that the Nash's "acting in a reckless manner,

performed an act likely to cause death or great bodily harm to some

individual, in that they failed to seek necessary immediate medical

treatment for Jason Hoy."

The Nash's face formal charges of drug induced homicide, involuntary

manslaughter, unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, and delivery

of a controlled substance to a person under the age of 18. Both remain

in the White County jail at Carmi under $300,000 bond pending a

November 20 pretrial hearing. No trial date has been set at this time.

Crystal Nash is being represented by Albion Attorney Jerry Crisel.

Joshua Nash is being represented by Carmi Attorney, Denton Aud.


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