I want the City of Angleton to remove the statue of slaver Stephen F. Austin

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 Let me start with an excerpt from a little history on Steven F. Austin, aka "The Father of Texas":

"Austin conceded that the success of his colony was dependent on slavery.[24][37][39] Without slaves, the colonists would lack the mass labor to cultivate the land, which would stall the pace of immigration needed to develop and increase the value of the land, which would deflate the economy and motivate his colonists to leave.[37][40][41]"

With the new light (reminder) that has been shed on the unfair treatment of African Americans in America, it makes it hard to drive by that obscene statue every morning on my way to work, as a man of color. The only way it could be worse is if it was a statue of Christopher Columbus or Robert E. Lee. I, along with others, have had enough  of these monuments celebrating these "heroes" and we refuse to remain silent! The statue, in question, is off of Hwy 288 and is maintained by the Brazoria County Parks Department. I am from Angleton and this isn't the message I want my boys to receive nor do I want people visiting Angleton to believe that we, as a city, celebrate a blatant racist and slave owner. I realize that some may say that Stephen F. Austin wasn't initially "for" slavery, but allow me to refer you to the excerpt above. We can do better! As Victor Hugo said, "There is nothing more powerful than and idea whose time has come." That time is now! Help us bring this statue down and let the public know that their tax dollars are helping maintain a reminder of racial injustice!