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Seniors should be able to park in the senior parking lot without sophomores and juniors for multiple reason. First, there is not enough parking as it is. No matter what, there won’t be any parking spots and we will still have traffic issues. Spophomores don’t get there license till the middle of their year and it doesn’t make sense for them to waste a spot. Second reason, there isn’t enough spots for every class to park there. It is a tradition for seniors to decorate the parking spots and for them to at least have a spot their last year. Third reason, the new parking building won’t be ready, so seniors are still going to need a spot. Sophomores and juniors have been able to park around the school without a problem. Also, senior lot has been open to only seniors and there hasn’t been a problem, people carpool and are capable of making to school on time.The fact that every grade would be able to park would cause more traffic issues and problems. Lastly, kids look forward to parking next to their friends for their last year and would make it more memorable. Taking this away would make make senior year less enjoyable.