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Politic is about Freedom of speech, freedom of thought only voters Decide who to vote for.

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A comment from S Tod Beasly on social media has been brought to the surface just to force him  to pull his nomination, and he got disqualified by the UCP election committee, it is not right, and bullying somehow.

Regardless if we agree or disagree with his comment, let the voters decide.  No one should abuse and take the voters’ right to choose who they want to represent them.

I am a Muslim person who believes in conservative views, politics and strategy.  I do condemn some of the Muslims’ act, yet I am a Muslim.  Can you imagine a non-Muslim’a position or view? 

I don't accept the general comment that Mr. S Tod Beasley like, 17 month ago, but I do understand where he is coming from.  There is a lot of action that has been done by Muslims it will make me sick and shy to admit I am a Muslim sometimes.

S Tod beasly deserve to continue his run.  As part of the UCP election committee, we should care less of how many directors there are on.  It should not take our right to choose who will run, this can't happen.

Finally for my Liberal and NDP friends, don't feel so victorious about what happened to my friend Mr Tod.  He proved he is a real man and he stood up for what he believes publicly regardless if it is right or wrong.

My NDP and liberal friends, your house has been build by cheap glass and the first rock that hit it will shatter the whole house.

Today Mr. Tod, tomorrow can be one of your own people, or your party.

Please sign and share and let our voice be heard.


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