Request to Relax Covid-19 Restrictions on Children

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We need to start returning our lives back to normality not to a continuous state of restrictions. And it should include our children in this start too. Please help us spread the word to others. Please help us spread our concern to Premier Jason Kenney.

It is time to lift up these draconian restrictions for our children.

We suggest opening immediately all playgrounds and allowing all children to play freely outside in the sun without respecting the 2 m distance. 

Reasons for this relaxation:

1) They are the least affected of Covid-19 and, if affected, they have the smallest risk to develop a serious form of it.

2) They are not carriers of Covid-19 vector.

3) Playing with other children - and particularly playing outside - is beneficial for their development.

4) The sun is a contributor factor in killing the virus.

5) Playing outside and interacting with other children will boost their immune system and help them maintain physical exercise, which is crucial for healthy children.

6) The impact these restrictions have on our children is huge on so many levels: educational, mental, psychological and social. The risk of our children's future healthy development is greater and difficult to even estimate. 

7) It is a safe way to evaluate the impact of returning to normal life for our children, without confining children to close spaces like schools and imposing draconian restrictions that will affect their social and physiological development for the rest of their lives (aka masks, 2 m distance, fear of getting near others). 

8) Parents should use caution and use their common sense and doctor's advice for children with impacted immune system.

If no significant increase in the number of cases in children and their parents is noticed within 14 days of lifting these restrictions, we request for schools to reopen immediately in normal conditions, without restrictions of social distancing, wearing masks, staggered entry, etc.

Pleas sign and share the petition. Thank you!

Your children will thank you too one day.