Re-evaluate Alberta's "Socio-Economic Review of Supervised Consumption Services"

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In March 2020, Alberta's UCP government released a review highlighting Alberta's role in providing Supervised Consumption Services. As a result, numerous communities in Alberta in need of harm-reduction resources will no longer see these much needed, life-saving services. 

Within the review, various areas of concern were highlighted with little to no focus on the strengths currently present within established Supervised Consumption Services. Since the release of this review, many communities in Alberta no longer know the future of their current Supervised Consumption Services. Additionally, cities without current services will no longer see the establishment of these significant and necessary resources. 

We call on Premier Jason Kenney and those who are currently sitting on the Committee Membership for this review to re-conduct these surveys and studies that include more information than the adverse reactions of Supervised Consumption Services. As a province, Alberta must do better in making headway for serving a significantly vulnerable and ignored population. This is not a matter of politics, funding or personal opinion. This is a matter of life or death.