Prevent the cancellation of the stay at home parent subsidy.

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We are protesting the provincial governments cancellation of the 'Stay at Home Parent Subsidy.' This subsidy helps low-income families who have one parent staying at home, or working/attending school less than 20 hours per week, afford for their children to attend early educational programs, playschools, preschools and daycare. This cancellation will come into effect on January 1, 2020.

Many families, my own included, rely on this subsidy to be able to afford increasingly expensive early educational and childcare programs.

You can read more about the subsidy here:

A formal protest is taking place at the Alberta legislative building. Please bring signs. We are also looking for any individuals who can and are willing to speak about how the stay at home parent subsidy helps them in their situation, what it means to them and how this cancellation will affect them.

Please come out in support of this protest!