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Petitioning Minister of Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration: Allow Mrs. Surjit Bhandal to remain in Canada, with her family.

Surjut Bhandal is to be deported back to India, where she will be alone, without any family or supports. Please help to keep Surjit Bhandal in Canada, with her family.

Mrs. Bhandal, 83, raised her nephews in India, both of whom now live in Canada. She has no other family or supports back in India, where she is originally from. She has lived in Canada, with one of her nephews, since 2008, as a visitor. Her nephews have been trying to get their aunt admitted to Canada as a “de facto” family member. Three applications for Permanent Residence in Canada on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds have been rejected, and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has not intervened on her behalf. Now she is to be deported back to India, where she will be alone. Time is running out.

Her nephews guarantee they will care for any medical costs while their aunt remains in Canada, so any issue about money--her age and health having any impact on Canadian taxpayers--would be negligible, if not nill.

Please sign the petition asking Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to intervene on compassionate and humanitarian grounds, and allow Mrs. Bhandal to remain in Canada, with her Canadian family.

For more information about Surjit Bhandal's situation please visit:

Letter to
Minister of Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism Jason Kenney
Dear Minister Kenney,

I am writing to ask you to allow Mrs. Surjit Bhandal, of Victoria, BC, to remain in Canada, with her family.

As a proud Canadian, I am appalled to learn that my government is deporting Mrs. Bhandal, when there is no good reason to do so. She has no family or living supports in India; her nephews have insurance for her, and have offered a guarantee that she will not pose any impact on Canadian taxpayers. More importantly, Mrs. Bhandal is an important member of her nephew's lives, having cared for them as children, raising them to be the hard-working, respectful, caring nephews who now contribute so much to Canada. They deserve better from Canada.

Canada is a multicultural country, where many new Canadians' definition of family includes extended care-givers. Mrs. Bhandal, and her family are among them. Please do the right thing: on compassionate, and humanitarian grounds, allow Mrs. Bhandal to live here in Canada, with her Canadian family.

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