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Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship & Immigration: Allow Hampstead Survivor Juan Ariza's Application for Permanent Residency in Canada.

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The National Right2Stay Campaign is about asking important questions. With almost 300,000 temporary foreign or migrant workers in Canada each and every year, working under often inhumane conditions, living sometimes in squalor, and far too often being exploited in almost every facet of their lives, what happens when workers are injured. What is Canada's responsibility to migrant workers, including the Hampstead Tragedy Survivors? Who is accountable ? What is fair?

What happens to able-bodied women and men, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, who come from the global South, who may not be making ends meet in their country of origin, who come here to simply work and build a better life, what happens if we send them back home disabled and to an environment that might not have the appropriate medical facilities to take care of them.

Is Canada not accountable for those who we utilize to allegedly do the work that we don't want to?

Juan Ariza, from Lima, Peru, had been Canada only three days when the Hampstead tragedy change his life forever. Since then he has been recuperating in a nursing home in London,Ontario. He will never attain a full recovery. He will always be disabled. His wife has undergone major surgery in Lima to deal with a debilitating disease that has left her without the use of her limbs. Their seven-year-old son is cared for by neighbours. Juan has not seen his family since February, 2012.

With the support of a network of community activists, lawyers, advocates, friends, labor unions, and the Right to Stay campaign, Juan would like to build a productive life in Canada. That is why he came here to begin with. He has applied for permanent residency in Canada based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. To grant him permanent residency would be in the best interest of his children. To return him to Lima would result in inhumane hardship for Juan and his family, particularly given his medical condition and the lack of supports available to them in Peru. The supports that he needs are in Canada and with these supports he would clearly be able to lead a productive life in Canada. If he were returned to Peru he, his wife, and his son would be in a substantially worse position than when he left Peru.

Please provide the support that Juan needs by signing this petition at and tell Jason Kenney, the Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, that he should do what is right and fair and allow Juan's application for permanent residency.

With your support there is hope for Juan and his family.

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