The UCP needs to back down from changes to the DRs contract during this crisis.

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We are facing a global health crisis and Alberta’s health system, our nurses and our doctors are on the frontlines.  

The Alberta Govt has ditched their current contract with Alberta Doctors and they are now negotiating a new one. 

This is NOT the time for this kind of meddling. While in principle some may disagree with the approach the govt has taken with the doctors we concede that it is fully within the govt right to seek a new deal. 


Restore the old contract, reinstate funding and potentially even surge fund our health care system in the wake of this global crisis. 

Doctors and nurses and other health care professionals are about to enter into the most difficult time of their lives. We need them to know they will paid and that they are valued. 

Please Premier Jason Kenney and Min Tyler Shandro, abandon your change plan in the short term.