Alberta Turn Off The Taps Trans Mountain Pipeline.

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Trans Mountain Pipeline. Turn Off The Taps. Alberta Bill C - 12.

Canada, Alberta needs your help. We are asking for your help to expose the absolute lies being told by environmentalists about pipelines and Alberta Oil. We need your help to expose the absolute lies and hypocrisy of the BC government. Alberta is asking for your help Canada, please sign our petition to expose these lies by turning off the taps to British Columbia.

The original Trans Mountain Pipeline starting pumping in October 1957. The line has been pumping for 62 years. The current line delivers crude oil for refining in Washington State or sale to Asia. It also delivers 50,000 barrels per day of refined Gasoline and diesel. BC uses 80,000 barrels of gasoline and diesel per day. 50,000 from Alberta via the Trans mountain pipeline and 30,000 imported from Washington State. Here is the thing, the fuel imported from Washington is Alberta crude from the Trans Mountain Pipeline. It’s sold to Washington State at a discount, refined and sold back to the people of Vancouver at a massive profit.

The TMX is the primary source of BC’s gasoline and diesel fuel. As BC’s population has grown, the demand for gasoline and diesel has increased. That growing demand is not being met, it is a supply and demand market and the demand is higher that the supply, so the price is the most expensive in North America.

The new Line is an expansion project, a second line next to the current. Not a new project. Its an expansion. As markets change and opportunity’s change, Canada needs to adjust. The purpose of the TMX is to help BC with the ever-increasing high price of gasoline and diesel. The residents of Vancouver and Victoria do not know or understand these facts. Premier John Horgan knows these facts and is fighting Alberta in court claiming Alberta does not have the right to limit the flow of fuel to BC via the TMX while publicly opposing the Pipeline expansion.  The only way to show BC residents the importance of Alberta Oil is to turn off the taps for a designated period.

Please sign this petition if you support Alberta bringing public attention to the absolute  hypocrisy of BC government leadership by using Bill C -12 turn off the taps legislation  to limit the amount of GASOLINE to BC. Please support Alberta and Canadian workers. Please see attached video.

Thank you.