Alberta Mandatory Covid19 Action - Public Mouth/Nose Covering

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Please READ CAREFULLY. We have received many comments that is not related to this petition.

Goal is simple. Slow down COVID19 spread in Alberta. 

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of COVID19 pandemic, the provincial government should temporarily mandate all Albertans to wear a protective face covering when outside their residences, in both interior and exterior public spaces. Current measures adopted by the government are based on reactive approach in dealing with the virus. By the time a symptom is detected, the virus community spread could’ve exponentially affected the population across the province. A pro-active approach is to mandate a sense of security and safety by implementing best practices that covers the mouth and nose area of the face coupled with social distancing behaviour to greatly result in immediate reduction of COVID19 cases in the province and ease the overwhelmed Health Care facilities. Any facial covering or barrier is better than NONE that leaves a person exposed to contamination. This petition is focused on Nose / Mouth covering (even home-made) or respiratory means of protection to minimize exposure from COVID19 droplet. Leave the medical masks to front line health care workers that need them! 


1) To slow down the spread of COVID19 in the community by having all people wear some type of of Nose / Mouth covering in public places. Even DIY masks are “somewhat” effective towards droplets and “may” reduce direct aspiration from a cough or sneeze 

2) Wearing Nose / Mouth covering will prevent an individual from touching their face. A typical person generally touches their face over 1000 times a day

3) It is typical for any Albertan to have a cold just by responding to weather changes. This is most especially prevalent now when Spring is below zero. It is also extremely difficult to enforce a method that cannot guarantee if a person is sick. This petition removes any stigma on “possible COVID19 symptom” by having everyone in public facially protected by any means of facial covering

4) This petition is most especially important for older Albertans and those who currently suffer from pre-existing medical conditions. Think of others who are medically vulnerable. Wear a Nose / Mouth covering for them

5) Many Albertan's still need to step outside their residence for many reasons, such as: grabbing prescription medications, doing groceries, not including thousands of people who are still employed as an "essential worker" not just in the medical field but in all types of industry across the province....The chances of community spread in such cases are high, it is up to us to be pro-active with a Nose / Mouth covering to flatten the curve

At a time when no vaccine is present and new findings are published daily, it is safest to protect each other via preventative method. Some countries are, if not, have already implemented such practice to best battle a disease we know very little of.

Sign the petition, protect each other if not your own families. The inconvenience of wearing facial covers in public is worth more than being a COVID19 carrier that puts everyone at risk. The actions we make today will pave way to a safer community tomorrow. Be an example. COVID19 is an aggressive fast spreading’s time we slow down the rate it spreads. 

This petition recommends that all Albertans wear any type of nose and mouth covering for their own safety and the safety of others when in public. There are many "credible" medical research on masks, even without 100% protection, it does help immensely in slowing the virus spread.

The question lies, "would you rather have someone sneeze and cough at you directly, even in passing (at a grocery store) or would you rather have that person and yourself covered with a mask that blocks your own / and others droplets from direct contact?" 

This petition has nothing to do with medical masks usage, only facial covering of your mouth and nose. If you are taking care of someone who may be sick of COVID19, it is important to follow the Alberta Health Services guidelines in wearing the right mask that filters the virus, coupled with protective clothing and eye wear. You must also stay at home and quarantine as mandated by the government.  


This Petition is based on the virus not clinically deemed "airborne" by the World Health Organization experts.