“There has been no know transmission from a hair salon” -Premier Jason Kenney

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We were very sad to hear the news December 8 2020, that Premier Kenney has made the decision to shut Alberta down for 4 weeks. Although, we understand this decision and are compassionate toward the frontline workers fighting the pandemic and our health ministers efforts. We do not accept the fact that businesses such as my own, which have not contributed to the spread, are still being shut down. At this point “lives and livelihoods” should be put into perspective. The businesses who have worked tirelessly to make sure we do not, and have not, had any transmission should not have to shut down.

By this point, we are in a space where we understand the virus better and can make better decisions.  The implementation of lockdowns should be on those areas perpetuating the spread and not perpetuated on the areas that aren’t. I believe businesses that prevent transmission should be honoured and should set a standard, rather than continuing to be shut down. Moreover, it would compel health ministers to find out where the spread is coming from and shut these problem areas down instead of continuing into full shutdowns. 

As an Albertan Barbershop owner, I am one of many, who have worked tirelessly since re-opening, to make sure we do our part to prevent the spread and we have. The decision to continue to lockdown everything is not only a further stress on our economy, but other measures need to be taken. Yes, the virus is very real but it is not going away anytime soon and is something we are going to have to learn to live with. 

This petition is for you Mr. Kenney. To consider lockdown measures as targeted instead of blanketing measures going forward. Livelihoods are essential, and the people that have had zero transmission, should not be closed down any further. I would encourage you to find the areas that are perpetuating transmission, shut these areas down and allow everyone else who is doing their part, with zero transmission, to stay open. 

I am asking for signatures in support of this effort. Please sign and share with your friends. 

Signed a very concerned business owner,

Lindsay Stowe