Demand an investigation of Russian election interference & ties with Trump

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As chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Rep Jason Chaffetz has an opportunity to take the lead in making a moral stand against corruption and the foreign subversion of our cherished democracy by launching investigations into President Trump's links to Russia and into the Russian interference in the recent election, which has been unanimously confirmed by the intelligence community. Instead, he creates diversions by proposing to investigate tweets from the National Park Service and the means by which damning evidence was leaked (instead of the substance of the information leaked. We demand that a serious, thorough-going investigation be launched into the very real threats to the integrity of the office of the Presidency and the electoral process, rather than wasting resources on petty vendettas to silence opposition. We expect an investigation at least as vigorous as those into the Benghazi affair and Sec. Clinton's emails.  Ask Rep Chaffetz to demonstrate his commitment to honesty and integrity and his country above his loyalty to partisan politics.

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