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America Demands an investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn

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There is a rather clear timeline that shows that Ret. Gen. Flynn exchanged classified sanction information with the Russian Ambassador before President Obama announced them. This is a violation of the Logan Act. He lied to Vice President Mike Pence. His actions are treasonous and may have exposed our Democracy to corruption from the interference of Putin's regime.

Those sanctions were put in place after extensive investigations clearly revealed Russian attempts to manipulate our elections so that Donald Trump would win the election. It is believed that Flynn advised the the Russian Ambassador to suggest waiting for President Trump to overturn those sanctions. Putin indeed responded by saying he would wait for the new administration to act on the sanctions. Donald Trump commended Putin's response and entertained rescinding President Obama's sanctions.

If Ret. Gen. Flynn is found guilty of treason, Donald Trump may be a collaborator. We need to clearly investigate this situation to see if the office of the presidency has been compromised.

The American citizens signing this petition demand to know if our democracy has been corrupted by treason and collusion with a malicious foreign power. We demand that the Congressional Oversight Committee, lead by Jason Chaffetz, does its job and investigates Flynn for criminal offences and any other governmental official who knew of his treason and did not immediately call for his resignation and criminal prosecution.

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